Review: NYX Lip Suede Cream Lipsticks

NYX has been teasing us with photos of their offering to the matte liquid lipstick trend, Lip Suedes, for weeks on Instagram and many beauty bloggers have been sharing their excitement as well.  Well, it worked.  I was hooked.   I love NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams so I was excited to see how NYX’s new offering to the liquid lipstick game would be.  When I saw NYX’s Instagram post that the Suedes were out, I went right to the website and ordered 5.  I’m not alone, because they quickly sold out online.  I’m not one for crazy lip colors so I got a lot of the basics: Soft Spoken, Tea & Cookies, Vintage, Cherry Skies, and, to branch out, Amethyst.  I don’t know where I’ll wear it, but it was a pretty color.

I couldn’t wait to get them, swatch them and see how they wear!  The first night, I did a marathon try-on session.  First impressions, I like the applicator.  It’s very pointed and allows precision application.  You can easily trace the outline of your lips.  I was surprised that they seemed a bit sheer, as you can see in the pictures.  I really had to layer the color to get a full coverage.  I think the original matte lips creams cover better.  They did dry quickly to a soft matte finish.


Tea & Cookies

20150801_184455 (1)

Soft Spoken


Cherry Skies





The next day, I tried on “Soft Spoken” with the NYX lip primer, which I love!  It helps it go on smooth and stay on.  Soft Spoken is a nice neutral, but looked more brown than I thought it would.  With the primer, I still had color holding at the end of 8 hours after eating and drinking all day.  It was a bit faded, but still hanging on without touch ups.

Next, I tried “Vintage,” but sans primer to see how they held up, not so good.  I have noticeable fading and smudging, especially in the center of this lips with eating and drinking.  Also, on me, Vintage was very vampy.  It looked like a very deep purple, not the rich red-brown I thought it would.  Next, I put “Cherry Skies” to the test.  Again, this one was darker than I thought it might be, more of a deep brick-red, but was very pretty.  It seemed to wear a little better than Vintage, but still came off throughout the day.  Reds always have a tendency to stain a bit more.

"Vintage" after a few hours wear

“Vintage” after a few hours wear


"Cherry Skies" after wear

“Cherry Skies” after wear








Overall, the colors are pretty and vibrant.  The finish is a nice matte, but not drying which is great!  A little tacky at first, but that dries down with wear.  I wouldn’t say the Suedes are waterproof as NYX claims.  They do wear longer than your average bullet lipstick, for sure, but not as well as similar liquid matte lip products I’ve tried such as the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.   They come off on glasses when drinking or smudge if you touch them.  If you’re okay with touching up and cleaning up edges throughout the day, then these are a great bargain.  But I like the original Soft Matte Lip Creams better!  They give better coverage and wear just as better or longer.

Have you tried the new NYX Lip Suedes?  What did you think?  How do they compare to some of your favorite lip products?