Mask-arade – Multimasking with Lush

20150801_183737As you know, I love Lush masks!  The only downside, is that they expire so soon since they are made fresh, so I thought I’d multimask so I can use two at once.  I tried two new masks I hadn’t used before: Brazened Honey, to brighten and revive and Catastrophe Cosmetic to soothe and cleanse.  I’ve used both masks before and liked them.  The associate at Lush said Brazened Honey helped to even out scaring and brighten skin, so I used this one in my cheeks, and the Catastrophe in the T-zone.  Brazened Honey has Ayurvedic herbs so it feels warm, but not uncomfortably so.  After reading up, I probably should have switched the placement since the chamomile in Catastrophe helps to calm and soothe redness.   As usual, I didn’t notice an instant difference after using the masks, but my skin felt soft and smooth, and looked even.  I’ll probably try the Brazened Honey again, but I don’t think the Catastrophe is for me.  I just don’t need the calming benefits, but in my cystic acne days, this would have been great.  I’m definitely loving the multimasking technique though.  I can never make decisions, so I love that I can use to or three masks at once.

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Any masks that you love?  Have you multimasked?




















Mask-arade: Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior

I love to try different masks, but I am always frustrated.  Masks are hard because you often don’t see an immediate effect, or any visible effect at all.  We’re all always looking for a quick fix, miracle in a jar.  I recently bought a few new masks, so I’m hoping to find some instant gratification in the bunch.

First up, Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior.

wpid-IMAG0446.jpgLush recommends this mask for oily, breakout prone skin.  The main ingredients in the mask are garlic, egg whites, and tea tree oil.  This brings me to the first problem, the scent.  To me, it was nauseating.  It smells just like the description sounds.  If you like tea tree, you should not mind it, but I’m not a fan myself.  The texture is like a little grainy, kind of like very watery oatmeal.

wpid-IMAG0447.jpg   wpid-IMAG0448.jpg

I have to say, this is a nice mask.  After removing, my pores are noticeably smaller, and the effect lasts for a few days.  My skin feels smoother and irritation is calmed.

The downside here, it also one of the perks of this product.  Lush masks are made fresh on a regular basis.  In fact, each mask has a sticker that tells you who made your mask and when.  They are so fresh, they can only be bought in stores, from the Lush fridge.  Here comes the flip side, at home, they also must be stored in the refrigerator.  For me, the fridge is not easily accessible from my bathroom where I do most of my skincare.  It’s obviously not a major barrier, but is a little inconvenient.

The freshness factor also has another downside, shelf life.  My mask was only good for 20 days, this is a little more than 2 weeks.  I bought it a few days in to that time frame, so only had a couple of weeks to use it before it expired.  Now, I estimate that you can get at least 6-8 masks per jar, and I don’t mask more than a couple of times a week, myself so to me, it’s hard to use all of it before it expires.  You’d have to use it every other day to get the most of it.  Doable, but even I’m not that diligent with my skincare.  It’s still effective shortly after the expiration date, but it separates out and gets watery.

Overall, it’s a great mask.  If you have a Lush near you and have problem skin, I definitely recommend trying it.  If you can get past the smell, and use it up quickly you’ll love it!  It’s definitely worth a try!