How Do You Use All This Stuff?

One of my recent visits from the FedEx guy

That’s the question I got recently, and it’s a good one.  I have a lot of “stuff,” especially makeup.  Lots and lots of makeup.  It’s a fair question, really.  I’m sure FedEx and UPS ask themselves that on a regular basis when they make their deliveries to my house.

I admittedly have a shopping problem, especially when it comes to cosmetics.  It’s somewhat justified (in my mind) because I’m a makeup artist and I work in the industry, so it’s good to stay on top of the latest products.  I also like to have a comprehensive artistry kit, but on the other hand, I like to keep the good stuff to myself.

I love a new palette and can’t resist a deal!  Just last weekend, Ulta was offering 50% off their poured highlighters.  50%!  How could I say no.  I ordered 3.  How often do I wear a highlighter? Once a week.  How many different ones do I have?  More than 7.  Necessary or sensible? Nope.  So what do you do?  It’s not just highlighters!  Lipcolors. Mascara. And then there’s the palettes!  Pretty colors and shiny things.

I can’t help, but wonder what all of these bloggers and vloggers do with all of the stuff the buy, not to mention what they get for free.  Maybe I’ll have to challenge myself to do no repeats to try to use it all.

With that said… swatches and reviews of the contents of these boxes is coming next week!



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