So Over the Overdone Look

imageI almost want to start this post with “back in my day…” I won’t, but I will say a lot has changed in the past few years in the makeup industry.  I attribute a lot of that to the rise of You Tube and Instagram.  Social media has allowed people to connect with other artists and learn techniques faster than ever.  People have quite literally become stars just for posting selfies or videos of themselves applying makeup online.  While this is amazing, it’s created an unreasonable standard for your average person.  Makeup has become all dramatic contouring, strobbing, baking, and cut creases.  Makeup is certainly art, and I love seeing the art expressed, but I constantly hear woman come in asking for contour kits that can’t even pronounce the word, let alone tell me what contouring is.

I’m not trying to makeup-shame anyone.  I just wish more women embraced their natural beauty.  To me, makeup is about having fun, and enhancing your features, not about wearing a mask.  So many of the looks I see today look for heavy and I can’t imagine they feel very good on your face!  Plus, these looks often involve so many products!  What average person has the money or time for that!  I read a blog today about a woman who tried to replicate a look she saw on You Tube, not even a complicated one, but one described as natural.  It took her multiple attempts over 4 hours!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Just this weekend, I had a mother and daughter looking for new makeup.  The daughter was 16, and beautiful, but yet she kept talking to me about her flaws and how she needed concealer to cover this or that.  There was nothing to cover.  Her mother sighed repeatedly trying to reassure her she looked great, and asking me to do the same.  The girl told me that all the other girls at school wear a lot of makeup and she thinks they look better than her when they wear it.  The mom then took a seat in my chair, and I heard the same concerns all grown up.  Self-criticism and doubt, talking about how old she looked and what she needed to “fix.”  She thanked me for reassuring her daughter, and I gently reminded her that she was setting an example for her with all the things she was saying about herself.  I couldn’t help, but think that all the images of impossible perfection that wallpaper their feeds.

So ladies, don’t try to be someone you’re not.  If you see a tutorial on someone who looks nothing like you, don’t try to look like that, because you won’t, and that’s okay! You can’t change your facial structure, eye shape or skin tone.  Find elements like the highlight, lip color, or color palette for eyes and incorporate that into your own look, but still be yourself!  You’re already beautiful!


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