Laneige BB Cushion Review

Korean beauty has taken the industry by storm recently, with cushion foundations being one of the leading imported innovations.  Of course, the most well-known right now is the Lancome Miracle Cushion foundation, but Lancome didn’t develop the “revolutionary” technology.  In fact, their versions is made in Korea.  Coincidence?  Korean brand AmorePacific came out with their cult favorite cushion makeup in 2008.  Another popular Korean beauty brand, Laneige, also offers a Cushion makeup, and is available at Target!  Although the price point is a little high for drugstore beauty at $34, the Laneige product comes with a refill, so you essentially get the compact and two ‘doses’ of the makeup for still less than the Lancome version.  Sold.

I like the idea of a portable makeup like this, so I stalked the Laneige display until the Light shade came back in stock.  Now, in reality, the Light is still too yellow for me.  I really would have liked a fair color, but this is the lightest one they carry, so I gave it a go.  I don’t love applying makeup with a sponge; I much prefer a brush for even application and hygiene, but that’s how these cushion contraptions work, so I went with it.  It does make for a quick and easy application and covers surprisingly well for a BB product.  The finish is very dewy, which gives a hydrating feel, but needs to be set with a finishing powder to tone down the shine.  It looks great on, but then fades during the day so that after several hours, the coverage is very sheer.  Disappointing, but what did I expect from a BB product?  This is supposed to be a full coverage foundation.  I think it’s a great product to have to touch up during the day since it’s refreshing and hydrating and portable.  It also offers an SPF 50, which is great.  If you’re looking for an easy, hydrating light coverage, or a bargain alternative for the cushion trend, definitely head to your local Target store to check is out.



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