Mascara Face-Off: Stila HUGE vs. Urban Decay Perversion

I love a volumizing mascara.  What’s the point of puny lashes?  I’m so excited to see a wave of super-sized mascaras hitting the market!  I loved Urban Decay Perversion when it came out last year, so much so, I bought a second one; something I rarely do with mascara since I’m always trying new ones, but the new Stila Huge Extreme Lash sounds like it poses a threat.

I’ve been using the Urban Decay Perversion mascara for a few months, and liked it a lot.  The formula is a little wet, so I actually like it better when it gets a week or so old as it dries a bit.  It gives insane volume, but it is a bit clumpy.  It’s great to layer with something more lengthening, but gives a dramatic overall lash on its own.  If you like a super-black, thick lash, this is your new favorite mascara.

The Stila is a new arrival, and is much hyped.  They had me at “huge.”  It is a great volumizing mascara.  It doesn’t give a lot of length, but does give soft fullness.  It’s not overly defined, but can get easily spidery if you layer it too much.  It’s good, but not a stand out in any way.  Pretty average volume, average length.  Although I’m not floored, I’m pretty happy with it, except for one thing, it’s a little smudgy!  It gets a little black under my eye throughout the day.  I don’t have that problem with the UD one, and it gives more drama, so the UD wins this battle!



Stila HUGE - a little spidery

Stila HUGE

UD Perversion

UD Perversion

Stila Huge Lash

Stila Huge Lash

UD Perversion

UD Perversion


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