Reviewing Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser

I love cleansing oils!  I’ve been a long time devotee, so I’ve been thrilled to see them gaining popularity recently.  Anything that “melts” or “dissolves” just beckons to me.  Nothing removes makeup better and doesn’t over-dry, even when following with a second cleanser, so I had to try Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser.  It’s not a typical cleansing oil, which made me even more intrigued.


I’ll tell you, from the first time I used it, I realized I should have stuck with my old faithful oil.  This product is awful!  I’m surprised it has a four star review on  It’s the consistency of hair gel, and leaves a waxy film on my face, even after rinsing.  You definitely can’t just rinse it; you have to cleanse with a washcloth, toner or second cleanser.  It also doesn’t remove all my makeup.  I am left with black smudges under my eyes.  I’m very disappointed, but I’ll be sticking with my beloved cleansing oil.  I probably won’t even finish a jar of this stuff.


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